How to use your “screw-ups” to attract new customers

It is difficult to find a company, which has no “screw-ups” that cause customers’ displeasure from time to time. And certainly not every company manages to make a dissatisfied customer loyal, and even more so to make him or her company’s promoter.
This can be achieved by fulfilling two conditions:

Simplify the procedure of expressing dissatisfaction (you just need a loyalty button).
React quickly and correctly to discontent. So you increase the number of customers who will recommend your company to their friends and acquaintances.

Psychologists distinguish three types of reaction of people dissatisfied with the quality of the service:

“Voice”. The client wants to be heard.
“Legs”. The client stops using the services.
“Revenge”. The client wants to cause material and / or moral damage to the company.

It is important to know that customers who express dissatisfaction with the “voice”, in fact, are absolutely fine with it. These are your potential promoters. With your correct and quick reaction to their discontent, they can be turned into real promoters. Not to mention the decrease in the probability of losing a client or his revenge.

A key concept when dealing with customers’ discontent is a quick reaction. Contact with a dissatisfied customer must occur before he will cross the threshold of your company. You can apologize later, but in this case you will not get a loyal customer any more. In order to respond quickly, the responsible employee should receive instant notification about a conflict situation. SMS and e-mail are not suitable for this, as messages can come with a delay due to factors beyond your control. During this time a dissatisfied client will have time to leave. The most reliable option is a wrist pager, instant messages are transmitted on it when you press the “red button”.

There is no universal recipe for the right reaction to discontent. It depends on the seriousness of the “screw-up”, the specifics of the business and the personality of the client. They can be sincere apologies of management, a discount coupon, a brand souvenir, a free additional service.

P.S. We should not forget about “terrorist clients” who deliberately create problematic situations. Video surveillance or simply face-control can be used to confront such customers. But this is a topic for discussion with the security service.

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