McDonald’s installed billboards with a weather forecast with the style of their dishes in London

Big Mac became the icon of the sun, and the inverted french fries are rain.

On April 26, 2018, the McDonald’s unit and Leo Burnett agency installed billboards in London, which depict eight popular restaurant dishes stylized as icons with a weather forecast. For example, Big Mac turned into an icon of the sun, and inverted french fries – in the rain icon. The forecast for billboards changes in real time.

The mission of the campaign is to keep city residents aware of the rapidly changing April weather and invite them to the restaurants of the network.


To implement the idea, McDonald’s has synchronized the data of the billboards with the forecasts from the Weather Service of Great Britain.

The campaign will last two days.

Do not trust other predictions. This April McDonald’s will take care of you.

Ben Newman, creative director of the agency Leo Burnett London


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